lewd mention 


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lamb maids!!!! woah!!!!

i can't find a source anywhere, sorry :<

please take the word "noise" away from me

and yes I know Joel is a piece of shit, i always knew that

looking back at deadmau5 as an adult who has a heavy alternative bias, he still really holds up

@everyone send me really weird music

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at the end of the day, kaetons don't know how to

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*take on me starts playing*
🎤 :blobcat:
i'm kittyyyy~ 🎶
i'm kittYYYYYY~ 🎶
*deep breath*
*passionately and ear-splittingly* MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW

it's intentional cat day, what did you get for me?

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