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Aha I finally created my Ask Me Questions page!

Don't hesitate to give a look (and a question)!

C'est toujours aux victimes qu'on demande de débattre.
C'est toujours aux opprimés qu'on reproche de "par faire d'effort pour aller vers l'autre".

Il faut faire quoi ? Prendre 12 apôtres, écrire un bouquin et monter comment on tend la joue quand on se fait frapper +

Understand that they spend most of their time in a all white men openspace making jokes on women and queer peoéle and then they are offended that people on the internet see them as bullies.

The main problem on the french fediverse is two instances of tech guys who labeled themself as the good guys and then they realised they were not just white cis straight men on the internet, because they grew up in a world where the only ones to possess a computer where them.
And then they have hard time to understand why you have to respect people different than you.

Wecome to 2019, when we are at the edge of an environmental global crisis, but the main concern on the internet is a bunch of men having a real hard time struggling with the concept of basic respect.

"But these are just words"
- Tom McTheInternetGreatAgain, 10 yo.

No, Tom, it's time to grow your ass up, enter the adult world, and learn you can't call people what -you- want, even if they're behind a computer screen bc you're just being a disrespectfull brat.

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You can't acknowledge a knife in someone's back, refuse to take it out or call for help, and still call yourself a good person for having basic observation skills.

Being able to agree on what constitutes as offensive and harmful words and actions is and being vocal about it to show you care is great and all, but maybe you should consider lifting a finger and interrogating your own behavior to actually make a difference.

Marginalized folk: ______ is a racial slur.

Liberals: Yes it is.

Us: And there are extensive studies that show the use of racial caricatures and slurs, even in a ~positive~ light, can have damaging effects on the mental health of young folks from the affected racial group.

Liberals: Makes sense.

Us: So maybe we should change the name of this thing--

Liberals: Absolutely not.

All marginalized folk ever: Slurs are bad, you agree?

Liberal dudebros: Yes.

Us: So using them when you cannot reclaim them, naming a product or system after a slur, is also bad.

Liberal dudebros: Well actually!!!

Si vous avez une aventure avec Phie, et que vous vous retrouvez dans le noir, il y a moyen de vous éclairer.
Car parcouru par un courant électrique, le Phie l'amant émet de la lumière.

Poly problems? socialisation (-), help needed 

Vous auriez des conseils pour des paillettes de barbes ? P'tet pour des colorations aussi (mais j'imagine que des produits classiques pour cheveux fonctionnent ?)

Your favorite Champion league leader in the 4 original Pokemon games ?

Just Millennial Things™:

Housesitting for homeowners is the closest you'll get to actually being one., sondage 

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