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This is the exact opposite of me with sociabilisation :c

So this is a cheetah, he wanted to be friend with meerkats, but the meerkat felt threatened so they attacked him … but their claws are so tiny the cheetah misunderstood their attack for an attempt to pet him :3c

When you see Daredevil, remember he can smell your crotch from half a mile.

Rien que pour les émojis, ça vaut le coup CBC ❤️

Next Shitpost. I knew it, gay people can be cured!

I can't get enough of that delicious, "being gay."

Pros of openly being a #furry online:
- Everyone mentally imagines you as *actually* your fursona
- Fellow furries interact instantly w/ respect
- Frequent compliments + opportunities to compliment others
- Followers = furries + LGBT positive or cool non-furries w/ good opinions

- n/a

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