Let me just be more explicit: if your software cannot be used by nazis then your software is not free software.

This is not the correct place to fight hate speech. Block the instances. Report hate speech to the authorities. Settle it using the existing legal frameworks to do so, and if they are insufficient, then write to your lawmakers.

But if you support free software, it is not the place to address this issue, by definition.

@sir yeah and sticking to old stallman speech as the only values that matter for decades is a very good way to avoid actually thinking. The world evolved, but not tux-avatar techbros

@gordon I don't think this is assuming good faith. Can't I be against nazis and still not think free software is the battlefield for fighting them on?

@sir no, really not. Defending free software but not assuming the politic stance leads to an extremely toxic neutrality that actually profits the oppressor

@gordon @lanodan @sir let's make almost-free software that explicitly ban nazis.

What the problem with banning nazis??

If free software doesn't ban nazis by definition then this definition is crap, let's make an other one.

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