Because their gender wasn't validated by 2 doctors, a psychiatrist and a judge, it doesn't mean cis women felt gender isn't valid !

@DarckCrystale @FurryJulie nono, this is made by trans ppl and exists to illustrate some very common issues with clumsy cis allyship. the intention is to combat transmisia through humour and produce a less transmisogynistic society. which is excellent

white lives matter by contrast is made by white ppl and exists to co-opt the extremely important black lives matter movement. the intention is to delegitimise blm and further white supremacy. which is horrific

very different!!

@00dani @FurryJulie yes, I just didn't get it because I'm.not very good at English :x

Pour la traduction exacte :
"Je crois en la justice, à la fois pour les vrai femmes et pour les femmes cis. Ce n'est pas parce qu'une femme cis ne s'est pas questionnée sur son genre pendant des années, que ça la rend moins valide qu'une femme trans. Le féminisme, ça veut dire respecter toutes les femmes : les vrai femmes tout comme les femmes cis."
C'est du génie :gribz_luv:

@00dani @FurryJulie

@FurryJulie But a cis woman identifies as a real woman, don't they? Otherwise they wouldn't be cis.
@FurryJulie Then why does your picture say cis women are not real women?

The meme refers to "real women" and "cis women" as two different things.

Personally I don't like "cis" because it forces random people who don't care or are religious into the system of LGBT boxes.

@redneonglow Now think about how trans women feel when people talk aout "women and trans women" 🙃

@FurryJulie Which is why "cis women and trans women" would make more sense in that meme.

@redneonglow It's a joke to make people realise that, even if they claim to support trans women, saying "trans women" and "[real] women" as 2 different things is offensive af.

It's a joke and you just don't get it.

@FurryJulie I didn't find it funny, I just found it strange.

@redneonglow Yes, it's the point.

Trans women are nrot amused by people saying "I'm supportting trans women and women" either.

This meme is offensive toward cis pple, it was the point.

Jeez you can't take a joke

It's lols, my person! A delicious and pointed satire. Reversing the trend to point out its ridiculousness as a whole. Witty, bitter, playful, positive. 10/10

@tixie Le nombre de personnes qui répondent de la merde wow

@FurryJulie I'm not sure now I should react here. All I know is that in my hands, repeated by me or anyone in my specific intersection, this would do harm. I cannot wield it, yet I utterly agree with the motivating sentiment.

@FurryJulie this joke might seem cute and harmless hut it’s actually erasure of the CERT movement

@FurryJulie lmao at all the handwringing replies to this post

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