The first and merely only argument of alt-right when critising queer or poc people, when they try to appear non hatefull is : "Why do you have to bring the fact tat you are gay/black ? Nobody care".

I'm not interested in arguing about why people do stand out and the subject of visibility in general but, the very fact that they are -offended- that people bring the subject of their sexual orientation/gender/race makes the 2nd part of their assumption false. If nobody care, why are you so angry?

These people constantly deny that their anger toward people standing out is't related to their conservative ideas. But. Why, as a white girl, I am not offended when SonicFox brings the fact that he is black (and gay), and he winning a award at a large video game event is challenging, if not because of my progressive ideas ?

Why the anger if you are not a conservative dickhead ?

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