, the Mastodon instance, has been shutted down.

I, as the domain name owner and the creator of, decided to shut down this instance.

I'm doing it without the permission of our webadmin and without disscussing it with her.
I am truly sorry I have to make this decision and I apologize I have to do it this way. She made an admirable work and I'm truly thankful she decided to take the responsibility to administrate, alone, while I wasn't able of administrate it myself anymore.
I am betraying her and her trust in me by doing this without her consent.
I am sorry. became unadministrable in a very short time after it went online.
I created it as a joke, to use it with few friends to post gay NSFW content so we don't have to post it on our main instance any longer.

Because I never shut the instance to strangers, very soon people began to use it as a nudes platform and more and more people came here to post their private content.
By the time I realised that "Do you have a CBC account?" was an expression used by people on Mastodon to mean "Show me your nudes."

I never wanted that I am devastated that people rely on this instance to share this.

I realised, as the instance grew and more users were signing in, that I can't administrate private content and timeline because it would mean seeing the nudes of my users, of people I'm not close or not enough and violate their privacy. I just cannot do that.

I relied only on reports, and these reports were very rare.

It came to me recently that this instance is an open door to abuses and, honestly, it's not a surprise to me.
The fact that I couldn't administrate it and that people, maybe very young people, were sharing their nudes, on my server, was haunting me for months.
It caused me so much pain and anxiety to know that this day will finally come.

Someone brought to my knowledge that there were abuses coming from users of my instance or simply because of my instance exists.
As the creator and the domain owner, has my name on it.
I don't want to live with that nor that I can tolerate this behaviour.